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Beach Wedding
Couples Name.

Are Getting Married In (Location)!

Explore The Links Below To Learn About The Resort, Available Rooms, Book Your Stay, And More!

Here's What You Need To Know


RSVP: Month/Day/Year
Guest Deposit Due: Month/Day/Year
Final Payments Due: Month/Day/Year
Wedding Date: (Day of week, Month/Day/Year)
The resort requires a 3 night minimum stay.
We have rooms reserved for (INSERT BOOKING DATES), but you are invited to stay longer (based upon availability).


The couple has pre-reserved rooms for you at
(Insert Location), a stunning, (adults only or family friendly)
all-Inclusive resort in (Insert City + Country).

The resort is located about (time) from the (Airport + Abbreviation/ ex. Laguardia - LGA)

How To Book

(Insert Couples Names) have already pre-reserved rooms at the resort for their wedding guests through our travel agency.

See below to snag your room for this special celebration!

Please Note

To give our guests a carefree experience, (note any specific requests for this couple's desired wedding experience)

To attend the wedding, guests must stay at Secrets Playa Blanca within our wedding group. 

About the Resort

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All-Inclusive Amenities

  • List Amenities here

  • List Amenities here

  • List Amenities here

  • List Amenities here

  • List Amenities here

  • List Amenities here

  • List Amenities here

Available Room Types


(Insert Couples Name) have reserved the following room types at
(Resort Location). Review your options and rates below.

Please indicate your preferred room category when making your reservation.
Inventory is limited, so book early to guarantee your room.

Deposit is ______ per person + the optional travel insurance


Image by Spencer Davis

Urgent & Important Passport Information

A passport is required. Current passport process time is up to 12 weeks. 

If you do not have a passport yet, this doesn’t allow much time for a hiccup. I strongly recommend that you get your passport applications submitted NOW! 

If you have a passport, check your expi
ration date NOW! Passports must be valid 6 months POST travel return date!

A Passport card is not acceptable when traveling internationally. 


Travel Insurance


Travel protection is your best way to recoup any lost deposits if you need to cancel.

It also includes post-departure coverage for things like medical expenses or lost luggage.

We recommend Travel Insured International, but you may choose to purchase insurance from any carrier you would like.  

INSURANCE COST is based on age, length of stay, among other factors.

The average cost per wedding guests for the travel protection we offer starts at $159 per person.

 Book My Room

Reservation Instructions



  1. Read the important information included in the links above. 

  2. Select your room type from the rooms listed 

  3. Fill out the reservation form (click the button below!)

  4. You will receive an invoice and a payment link within 3  business days.

Note: Roommates should designate ONE person to fill out the form (one form per room, not per person).

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Can I come earlier or stay later? 

Yes! Please put your requested dates on your registration and I will confirm availability and pricing for you.  

2: Is there a payment plan? 

Yes! Initial deposits are due up front. 

The final payment is ____

You can make additional payments between the deposit and before final payment. 

3: I am sharing a room with another guests. How should we book? 

• Please coordinate with your roommate and designate ONE person to fill out the reservation form.

• Reservation forms should be one per ROOM, not one per person. When I get your form, I will email both of you and explain next steps.

• If you and your roommate live at different addresses, please make sure to include the second passenger's contact info. This can go in the notes field.

4: How do I get a quote for my stay?

• All quotes start with the reservation form. Fill out that form and I will get back to you with a quote.

• In your reservation form, make sure to include the ROOM TYPE you want to book

5: What about airfare? Is it included? 

• The Wedding Couple request that you book your room with the group, but you are welcome to book your own airfare.

• If you would like assistance with air, we are happy to help! Note - we cannot book any airfare using your points or miles. 

• If you book your own air, please forward your air confirmation to me no later than DUE DATE.  This is how we schedule your transportation pick up at your destination.

• Book airfare to LOCATION. The airport code is CODE.

6: How does the cost include? 

• The rates listed are PER PERSON and include:
• Hotel Accommodations
• All Inclusive Amenities
• Round trip shared transportation between the Cancun Airport (CUN) and resort
• Hotel, Tax & gratuities
• All wedding events & activities

• Optional - Travel insurance is available to protect your investment

• Airfare not included and needs to be purchased separately

7: What if I need to cancel? 

• Since all inclusive resorts are pre-paid AND non-refundable, travel insurance is encouraged to protect your investment. Life is unpredictable; plans can change.

• The cost of insurance is based on the cost of your room (see pricing tiers above)

• Without insurance, there are no refunds should your plans change.

• Without insurance, you will also not have any medical coverage for mishaps or catastrophic events. Your US health insurance will likely not work outside the US.

8: What happens if I don't book with Go N' Wander? 

THE COUPLE  have paid a deposit to pre-reserve rooms for your group. They have a group contract that allows them to offer additional benefits for their guests. The couple kindly asks that you book your hotel within our designated group contract here at GO N' WANDER.

There are several reasons why you should honor the couple's wishes and book the hotel portion with the group:

• The couple has worked with me to negotiate a contract for the ENTIRE group. This allows the couple to offer some amazing and fun surprises for all of you.

• These events and special amenities are based on a group minimum and the couple is required to meet that minimum number of rooms. Rooms booked outside the group contract do not count toward this minimum.

• Groups are given priority status at the resort, so you might miss out on some VIP treatment.

• Groups are given priority in terms of an oversold situation. If the hotel over sells, your group is protected but your reservation is not. You could be walked to another location.

Guests who do not book within the group contract unfortunately:
• Will not get the group rates
• Will have to pay upfront vs. over time.
• Will not receive any pre-departure, trip support or post-trip support from Go N' Wander.
• Unfortunately I cannot assist with travel arrangements made outside of the group, nor can I assist in the event of an emergency.
• Finally, you are not "officially" recognized by the hotel as being part of our event. The hotel group contract and wedding event pricing are planned in tandem.

• Guests staying off property will be charged a day pass to attend the wedding events. The resort has the right to stop selling day passes at their discretion.  

Hi!! I'm Merceades!

Owner of Go N' Wander

(Couples names) have partnered with my travel company for all their destination wedding travel coordination. I'm here to assist them AND you with all reservations any travel-related questions. I'm honored to partnering with them on their big day!

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Before You Go, Do Any Of These Apply To You?

Are You Using A Debit Card?

Most debit cards have daily charge limits. Depending on your bank, this limit may be as low as $500.

Please confirm the daily charge limit with your bank prior to submitting a large debit card payment. If you attempt to charge over your daily limit, your card will be declined.

Does Your Passport Expire Within 6 Months Of Your Travel Date?

We would not be who we are without our eco-friendly design, which is at the core of our strategy. We are constantly working to improve our offerings and expand upon our capabilities when it comes to design and production. Get in touch to learn more.

Are You Pregnant Or Planning To Become Pregnant?

Pregnancy Restrictions: Some trips have restrictions for pregnant travelers. For example, cruise lines will not board a passenger after her 24th week of pregnancy. Ask me for more details


Travel Insurance and Pregnancy: Please read the coverage info carefully. In many policies, pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition and is not a covered cancellation reason. In this case, you may want to consider "Cancel for Any Reason" coverage, an optional upgrade.

Are You Traveling With A Child Without Both Biological Parents Present?

Children under 18 years of age not traveling with both parents or legal guardian(s) may need to present a notarized letter from the absent parent/guardian granting permission to travel outside the United States. This letter should also authorize the adult to provide emergency medical care if necessary.

Have You Ever Been Convicted Of A Felony?

You may not clear customs if you have been convicted of a felony. Please contact your attorney to review the specifics of your case.

Have You Ever Been Convicted Of A DUI/DWI?

If you are traveling to Canada and have been convicted of a DUI or DWI you will likely not be admitted to the country.

A DUI/DWI is a felony in Canada and entrance to non-residents is tightly controlled. Please contact your attorney to learn more.

Do You Owe Back Child Support?

You may be detained at customs if you owe child support. Please contact your attorney to discuss prior to payment.

Important Info!

Submitting information via this reservation form does not automatically confirm your reservation. We will put your trip on hold & email you an invoice for review & approval within 1-2 business days.

It is your responsibility to review the invoice upon receipt to ensure 100% accuracy. Please check thoroughly for any discrepancies or errors. Go N' Wander is NOT responsible for errors, or any fees associated with necessary changes after 24 hours of receipt.

* IMPORTANT! Please enter your legal name(s) EXACTLY as appears on your valid passport. Additional fees may apply if a reservation has to be changed due to incorrect information. Go N' Wander is not liable if the information below is not entered correctly!

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