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Group Travel  Service Agreement

This letter follows our complimentary consultation, during which we discussed your group trip and my professional role in helping you plan and manage it. It is my understanding that you will retain me as a Group Travel  Specialist for your wedding.

Description of Services

As a Group Travel Specialist my role includes:

  • I will assist you, the group leader, in choosing the Country/Island, covering up to 3 destinations and 5 resorts ,eliminating the hassle and confusion of the internet and the hidden rules for both the group leader and your guests. 

  • Discuss and explain the differences in room block contract vs flexible group arrangements. Negotiate a group contract with a Tour Operator/ Wholesaler to offer the best pricing available, secure availability, and other complimentary amenities available; as well as offer these package pricing with flexible payment plans for you and your guests accommodations. 

  • Help you secure the Private event for your group.

  • Act as a single point of contact for guests attending the trip and arrange group travel plans. Flexible payment plans are available for all guests up until the full payment deadline. Periodic invoicing, final payment reminders and all around personalization of your guests’ vacation needs for their trip. - Travel services to you and your guests are complimentary.*

  • Monthly Update Report of your booked clients into the travel group - Easiest and most effective way to manage your RSVPs - All in one place, done for you.

As the client(s), you will rely on me to work as many hours as may be reasonably necessary (up to 50 hours total) to fulfill my obligations under this agreement for the duration of the planning stage and until you return from the resort.



You understand that my role (the agent) will be that of advisor and coordinator. You (the group leader) will make the actual selections of private group events (if applicable). Go N’ Wander will make the selection of secondary service vendors in regards to Microsite design and hosting (if applicable). 


You will make the payment for our planning fee directly to Go N’ Wander. If litigation occurs, it occurs in the jurisdiction where my office is located and the winning party will be reimbursed for attorney and legal fees and court costs. 


It is your responsibility to notify me(the agent) of any changes in a timely manner in writing. I shall not be held liable for any changes made by you. 


I will use my professional judgment when taking action in regard to changes, weather, tardiness, non performance, etc based on the situation, time limitations and/or your wishes. 


We cannot guarantee the weather condition on your vacation .

I will work with you and the resort group coordinators as needed.


Fees & Payment Schedule

For my services, you will pay me a total of $250.00. Payment will be made as follows:

1: A non-refundable payment in the amount of $250.00 - upon signature of this letter of agreement by electronic credit card payment payable to  Go N’ Wander. You may submit your credit card payment via the invoice you will receive shortly.

2: For services sold by When you click the "Pay" button, you are authorizing Go N Wander, LLC to charge your credit/debit card for services listed in this agreement. We'll send you an email message acknowledging receipt of your payment. Your contract to purchase our services will commence upon payment received.


Term/ Termination

This agreement will terminate automatically upon completion of the services required by this letter of agreement. 


You understand that this agreement is in place to protect you (the couple) and me (the agent).


Changes/ Cancellations

Any changes to this letter of agreement must be made in writing and signed by all parties. You may cancel this agreement, in writing, for any reason. If the group travel/vacation  is canceled, the retainer is non-refundable. If the group travel/vacation is not canceled, there will be no refund. 

I (the agent) reserve the right to terminate the agreement if terms are not being met which may include: Lack of fee payment, excessive amount of hours (past the 50 allotment which may require an additional fee - $25 per hour- this will not be billed unless both the couple and the agent agree to add-on), lack of proper communication and professionalism. We will not tolerate offensive language being used at any time.


{Bride, Aunt, Mom, Groom, Uncle, Friend… etc) Zilla Clause

Consultant reserves the right to stop working on said group vacation if client(s) are not working toward the same goal and begin to interrupt the planning process (i.e bad attitudes, treating the planner unprofessionally… etc). In this case, any monies paid will be forfeited by the client, but no future payments will be required to the Consultant. 


This service agreement only applies to group travel planning services provided by Merceades Gonzalez. This agreement does not represent resorts, airlines and other vendors in which case I will guide you. 


If your understanding parallels mine, please sign one copy of this letter (your electronic signature also constitutes a legal signature and your agreement with these terms) and return it to me along with your payment in the amount of $250.00. 


I wish you all the happiness in the world and look forward to working with you to make your destination wedding the most enjoyable and memorable experience of your life while saving you time and money with my connections and experience during the process.


Merceades Gonzalez

Go N’ Wander LLC

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