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El Dorado Royale, Riviera Maya, Mexico, Destination Wedding: Arianna & Brian

If You're Worried About The Endless Planning That Comes With A Destination Wedding....You're Not Alone! Brian & Arianna Felt The Same

When Brian and Arianna reached out to us, they had their mind set on one thing. They wanted a destination wedding that they could enjoy with their friends and family.


They wanted an adventure in a tropical destination with the ones who are most important to them. I mean come on...when do you really get to go on vacation with everyone who loves you?



Their vision was simple, they wanted to have a lot of fun and not spend 6-8 hours in a traditional venue up in the states. They didn't want to pay $100 per person for a plate and not be able to really enjoy their wedding ceremony and reception. 

When they came to us, they were overwhelmed already with the amount of planning and things they had to remember for their wedding. Despite all of that, they were really excited to hear our insight and they hoped we could help guide them through the treacherous planning process of their wedding. That is why we are so excited to be apart of their journey! 

Conversations With Arianna & Brian

What overwhelmed you during your planning process? 

Literally, not knowing where to even start. We both live very busy lives and don't have all the time in the world to sit down and find resorts, make calls, plan decorations and do all of that extra stuff...We knew we wanted an amazing wedding but didn't know anything about wedding perks, wedding packages overseas, or even what a room block was. We thought we just had to tell everyone, "hey, here's the dates, click this link and book your room for our wedding". Oh and don't forget all the elderly people, we knew it would be a lot to manage them too. Hands down, having to manage everyone and every thing, that's what overwhelmed us. 

Is there anything about destination weddings that shocked you when we spoke? 

Yes, we had NO idea how much more we can get when it comes to coordinating a group, opposed to doing it ourselves. We always thought that we would pay thousands of dollars on every little aspect. The price may be something most couples look at, but we can tell you from experience, it's a fraction of what we would've paid for a wedding up here in the states. 

Arianna and Brian have completed their guest list and are on their way to getting married in Mexico. 

We want to show you a little sneak peak of how systematized we are over here at Go N' Wander. Over the years, we've learned one thing: Systems Save Lives! 

When you work with us, you would get something like this to help you throughout your planning process. All the steps are labeled from A to Z. We wanted to show you a little taste of how many tasks you would have to complete. 

Most people think, "Ah, it's ok, I'll do it myself," but you're not like most people. You and your significant other know you don't want to deal with the hassle of managing people, having to call so many places to get quotes and answers, figure our airport transfers, dietary restrictions for guests, getting people to book, and then....the most important of all...PLANNING YOUR DREAM WEDDING! 

It's a lot to handle and then managing your great aunt's flights and getting her in the right room and making sure you don't have the family members who don't like each other at the same can be a lot to do! 

At Go N' Wander, we will gladly help you with a system that will change all of that.


Get rid of the stress and let's go n wander together! 

I look forward to meeting you on our call! 

- Merceades

p.s Congrats on getting engaged!!! I am so happy for you already! 

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